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Gardens of StoneGlow Worm TunnelDunns Swamp -- (locations are shown on the Sydney Bush Tracks map).

Gardens of Stone

The Gardens of Stone National Park has lots of “pagodas” – stone formations with parallel horizontal ridges. Here are some photos from Donkey Mountain, which is quite near Glow Worm Tunnel.

View from the top of Donkey Mountain, looking west.

donkey mountain, gardens of stone

Another view from the top.

donkey mountain, gardens of stone

It was a very rough climb up to this saddle point.

donkey mountain saddle

Climbing along the ledges was memorable.

donkey mountain ledges

A gap in the rocks. Soon after, there is a section that requires rock climbing to continue (too much for me ...).

donkey mountain gap

Glow Worm Tunnel

Glow Worm Tunnel is north of Lithgow (google maps). The dirt road from Lithgow is very bumpy, so it is easier (though longer) to start from the Wolgan Valley Road end.

The photo on the right is a lace monitor that ran up a tree.

glow worm tunnel map   lace monitor

On the way up.

bush near glow worm tunnel

After a dry ascent, there is some cool rainforest near the start of the tunnel.

tree ferns near glow worm tunnel   creek near glow worm tunnel

Western tunnel entrance.

glow worm tunnel west entrance

The tunnel is curved, so it is completely dark in the middle. The glow worms can look like constellations.

glow worms

Eastern tunnel exit.

glow worm tunnel east entrance

Along the Pagoda Track.

pagoda track

Dunns Swamp

Dunns Swamp is a beautiful area; access is from Rylstone (google maps).

dunns swamp

The water is pretty calm.

dunns swamp

Dunns Swamp has some pagodas, though they aren’t terraced like the ones in the Gardens of Stone.

pagoda, dunns swamp

There is a wide, winding river with rock formations along the banks (view from the top of a pagoda).

dunns swamp river from distance

I took a kayak along the river.

dunns swamp river

dunns swamp river

dunns swamp river

dunns swamp river

dunns swamp river

Platypus Rock. There are platypuses in the river, but I think the rock is named for its shape.

platypus rock, dunns swamp

platypus rock, dunns swamp

I love the colour of the water.

dunns swamp

There is a lot of wildlife.

wallaby, dunns swamp

A kingfisher and an eagle.

kingfisher, Dunns Swamp   eagle, dunns swamp

A water bird (a pied cormorant, I think).

pied cormorant, dunns swamp

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