The Grace of God

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Thoughts inspired by Ken Blue’s talks Foundations in Grace and Building on Grace. Some things are direct quotes from the talks, some are paraphrases, and some are just my own ideas.

These notes are divided into four parts. The first part is all about God’s unconditional acceptance, the second part is about our freedom from the law, the third part is about the power of God and the last part is about the implications of living under grace.

If at the beginning these notes seem to be talking about things you already know, I urge you to keep reading – the truth about grace is far more radical and amazing than most Christians have discovered. The “good news” really is “good” after all!


Part 1 – Grace as Acceptance

The crisis of grace
The New Covenant
It’s free or it’s nothing
Everything is for free
You owe nothing
Perfect forever
Uncomfortable yet?
So why not sin then?
Once saved, always saved?
Kept to the end
Reactions to grace
God is not interested in your sin
Your conscience’s plan of salvation

Part 2 – Freedom from the Law

Free from the law
So, you want to be under the law?
The effect of the law
Why have a law you could never keep?
The strengthening of the law
What the law does to you
Grace and truth
Oughts and shoulds
Insidious laws and dead works
Law – what is it good for?
Letting go of the law
Fulfilling the law

Part 3 – Grace as Power

The power of grace
Not mastered by sin
Resurrection life
God at work
Your portion of grace
Grace for the humble

Part 4 – Living under Grace

Gracious exhortation
Obedience under grace
No hierarchy
Living by the Spirit

To be completed

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